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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the beadle to be so poor?
(a) His alcoholism.
(b) He was born poor and never had a chance at education.
(c) His addiction with gambling.
(d) His alcoholic sons.

2. What brings Anna back home to her husband?
(a) Anna's husband is ill.
(b) Her husband suspects her affair and demands that she return immediately.
(c) Gurov disrespects her and she runs to her husband for assurance.
(d) Anna feels guilty for her actions and wants to seek forgiveness.

3. What is so different about Anna from the other women Gurov usually meets?
(a) Anna is young and inexperienced.
(b) Anna is plainer looking.
(c) Anna is from the countryside.
(d) Anna is older than usual.

4. What does Starchenko assume about the Zemstvo?
(a) He stole in life and this causes him to commit suicide.
(b) He is an egoist.
(c) He is a respectable man.
(d) He is murdered.

5. What is the banging that Korolev keeps hearing?
(a) The wind howling at the storage doors.
(b) The idle employees killing time.
(c) The guards making sure the employees are awake and working.
(d) The watchmen keeping time of the hour.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Grigory in old age?

2. What arrangement do Gurov and Anna make to continue seeing each other?

3. How do Alekhin and Burkin view Ivan's story about Nikolai and the gooseberries?

4. Whom does Marya talk with easily?

5. How does Nikolai Ivanych get his dream estate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is life like for Pyotr?

2. How are the homes of Lida and the artist, from "The House with the Mezzanine", symbolic of their respective personalities?

3. In "On Official Business", why does the coroner believe the city is the center of Russia? What does he think of the village and countryside?

4. How does Korolev show judgment on the Lialikovs?

5. What is going through Anisim's head as he is getting married? What might this foreshadow in his life?

6. In "The Lady with the Little Dog", why does Dmitri Gurov see Anna Sergeeva differently than all the other women in his life? What makes her so much more appealing?

7. What does Korolev theorize is the cause of imbalance between the strong and the weak?

8. What is the Tsybukins' reaction to Nikifor's death?

9. Dr. Starchenko from "On Official Business" mentions old folks disliking this "nervous age." What might this "nervous age" refer to?

10. How does the figurative language that describes Aksinya at the wedding reception show her true character?

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