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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has it been since Bishop Pyotr last saw his mother?
(a) Fifteen years.
(b) Nine years.
(c) Three years.
(d) Nine months.

2. What is so different about Anna from the other women Gurov usually meets?
(a) Anna is from the countryside.
(b) Anna is plainer looking.
(c) Anna is young and inexperienced.
(d) Anna is older than usual.

3. Of the following, which is NOT an attribute Korolev thinks about in regards to factories?
(a) Factory workers are overworked.
(b) Factory owners are more stressed than others give them credit for.
(c) Consumers do not get quality goods from them.
(d) Only a few benefit from it.

4. In, "In the Ravine", what is the village Ukleyevo known for?
(a) The woman who burned the baby.
(b) The good water.
(c) The vodka.
(d) The man who ate all the caviar at a memorial.

5. What same sound does Lyzhin hear at the Zemstvo cottage and von Taunitz's?
(a) The howling blizzard.
(b) A "tap, tap, tap" like someone walking with a cane.
(c) Distant moans and groans.
(d) Eerie voices.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the one thing Olga Semyonovna from "The Darling" cannot live without?

2. How do Alekhin and Burkin view Ivan's story about Nikolai and the gooseberries?

3. What is on Varvara's mind when Anisim unexpectedly returns home?

4. How is Lipa last seen?

5. Whose idea is it to give Grigory's land to Nikifor in a will?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dr. Starchenko from "On Official Business" mentions old folks disliking this "nervous age." What might this "nervous age" refer to?

2. In "The Lady with the Little Dog", how does Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov view women?

3. How is Pyotr different as a person and as a bishop?

4. Describe the town of Ukleyevo from "In the Ravine". What is life like there?

5. Describe what life is like in the countryside where there is a factory?

6. In "The Lady with the Little Dog", why does Dmitri Gurov see Anna Sergeeva differently than all the other women in his life? What makes her so much more appealing?

7. In "On Official Business", what is the difference between the coroner and the doctor in the way they view life?

8. In "On Official Business", the coroner has a dream about the beadle and the Zemstvo walking side by side. Write a brief interpretation of this dream.

9. What is going through Anisim's head as he is getting married? What might this foreshadow in his life?

10. How does the figurative language that describes Aksinya at the wedding reception show her true character?

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