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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lipa last seen?
(a) Happy as a day laborer.
(b) Impoverished and depressed.
(c) Fearful of the Tsybukins.
(d) Married happily with another peasant.

2. Whose idea is it to give Grigory's land to Nikifor in a will?
(a) Lipa's.
(b) Anisim's.
(c) Grigory's.
(d) Varvara's.

3. When does Korolev believe social change will occur?
(a) Later in his lifetime.
(b) Not for another hundred years.
(c) In the next generations.
(d) He is skeptical things will ever change in Russia.

4. What is it like for Bishop Pyotr when he serves abroad?
(a) He is happy to see other parts of the world.
(b) He can see himself doing this forever.
(c) He feels it is useless.
(d) He is homesick.

5. What is so different about Anna from the other women Gurov usually meets?
(a) Anna is young and inexperienced.
(b) Anna is from the countryside.
(c) Anna is plainer looking.
(d) Anna is older than usual.

6. Why do Ivan Ivanych and Burkin call on Alekhin in "Gooseberries"?
(a) For his stories.
(b) To get cover from rain.
(c) To ask for income.
(d) To see his maid Pelageya.

7. How do Alekhin and Burkin view Ivan's story about Nikolai and the gooseberries?
(a) They agree with Ivan's lesson at the end of the story.
(b) They find it judgmental and pushy.
(c) They see no point to the story.
(d) They think it is beautiful.

8. Whom does the factory benefit the most?
(a) The factory workers.
(b) Liza.
(c) Consumers.
(d) Christina Dmitrievna.

9. How is Varvara Nikolaevna different from all the others in Grigory's home?
(a) She gives away alms.
(b) She is deceitful.
(c) She is beautiful.
(d) She comes from a poor family.

10. How does Nikolai Ivanych get his dream estate?
(a) Through savings and marrying a widow.
(b) By borrowing from Ivan Ivanych.
(c) He surreptitiously steals from his workplace a little at a time over years.
(d) Inheritance.

11. What same sound does Lyzhin hear at the Zemstvo cottage and von Taunitz's?
(a) A "tap, tap, tap" like someone walking with a cane.
(b) The howling blizzard.
(c) Distant moans and groans.
(d) Eerie voices.

12. What do Olga and Kukin believe the public prefers?
(a) Banality.
(b) Operas.
(c) Comedies.
(d) Cultural classics.

13. In regard to marriage, what is the village custom?
(a) To marry only when in love.
(b) There is no need unless one wants to.
(c) For the son to marry to get a helper in the house.
(d) To marry only when there is a dowry.

14. In "The Bishop", what day does Bishop Pyotr unexpectedly sees his mother?
(a) The Eve of Palm Sunday.
(b) Easter night.
(c) The first day of Lent.
(d) Christmas Eve.

15. What does Liza want Korolev to confirm?
(a) That her heart will get better and she will live healthily.
(b) That she is not ill but sick of the factory.
(c) That she can be a beautiful young woman.
(d) That things will change in their lifetime.

Short Answer Questions

1. How soon does Olga remarry when Kukin dies?

2. What brings Anna back home to her husband?

3. Who is the only person who can behave comfortably around Bishop Pyotr?

4. Why does Vladimir leave Olga?

5. Why haven't Vasilisa and her husband received any word from Yefimya?

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