Stories of Anton Chekov Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Cherviakov so insistent on apologizing to the General?

During an opera, Cherviakov accidentally sneezes on the General in front of him. Even though the General is not his direct superior, he feels embarrassed and guilty. Cherviakov wants to apologize but the General would rather move on. Since the General does not allow Cherviakov a chance for a proper apology, Cherviakov becomes insistent on giving a proper one.

2. How does Cherviakov's wife not help his situation with the General?

Cherviakov comes home to tell his wife the story about sneezing on the general. His wife is not too worried because he is a general elsewhere. Cherviakov believes she is taking the situation too lightly. Whether Cherviakov left some of the story out or not, his wife suggests that he go and apologize. Cherviakov probably would have done so on his own, but with added encouragement from his wife, Cherviakov feels even more need to apologize to the General again.

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