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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Medical Case.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Korolev's arrival and departure from the factory differ?
(a) He leaves more hopeful than when he arrives.
(b) He is more peeved and angry when he leaves.
(c) He was excited to see the countryside but departs it feeling bored.
(d) He is not eager to arrive but when he leaves he knows he will happily return.

2. What causes Anyuta to cry?
(a) Stepan yells at her for being stupid.
(b) Stepan wants to separate.
(c) The neighbor treats her badly.
(d) Anyuta wants to move out.

3. The condition of Stepan and Anyuta's room can be described as __________.
(a) Messy.
(b) Meticulously clean.
(c) Averagely boring.
(d) Sparse.

4. Why does Andreich believe it is acceptable to call Maria by an insulting name?
(a) Because God forgave her.
(b) Because he is her father.
(c) Because she is a woman.
(d) Because other people call her that all the time.

5. Of the following, which is NOT an attribute Korolev thinks about in regards to factories?
(a) Only a few benefit from it.
(b) Factory workers are overworked.
(c) Consumers do not get quality goods from them.
(d) Factory owners are more stressed than others give them credit for.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the judge discover about an accident from the previous year?

2. What does the judge think of Grigoriev?

3. The mood during the night Ivan Velikopolsky visits the widows in "The Student" is __________.

4. The university Stepanych works at can be described as __________.

5. What is a panikhida?

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