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Borisovka appears in The Black Monk

This is where Kovrin vacations to rest his nerves and sees hallucinations.

The Village of Siyanovo appears in The House with the Mezzanine

Lydia is trying to collect money for this place because of people's homes burnt in a massive fire.

The Crimea appears in A Medical Case

This is often a place where people vacation to get away from their normal lives.

Verkhnie Zaprudy appears in Panikhida

This is the site where an intellectual man calls his daughter a harlot.

Yalta appears in The Lady with the Little Dog

This is where an affair starts between a young married woman and an older married man.

Ukleyevo appears in In the Ravine

This is where the man ate all the caviar at the memorial service ten years before.

Siberia appears in Peasant Women

This is where many are exiled to with hard...

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