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Lesson 1 (from Stories 1 through 3)


In "The Death of a Clerk", Cherviakov is overcome with guilt and cannot stop apologizing to the General. The huntsman says cruel words but shows guilt by asking how the cottage is and giving Pelageya a ruble. The objective is to understand human nature's reaction to guilt.


1) As a class, discuss how guilt manifests itself in people. How does a person usually react to guilt? Do people worry, cry, show nervousness, become reclusive, unkind, or become more giving when they feel guilty? What factors contribute to how a person reacts to his/her own guilt?

2) In partners, discuss how each of the men in "The Death of a Clerk" and "The Huntsman" manifests his guilt. What do they do to try to alleviate their guilt? What factors contribute to how they manifest their guilt?

3) In small groups, have the students discuss what Chekhov shows about...

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