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Essay Topic 1

From "The Death of a Clerk", discuss how Cherviakov's and the General's reactions to one another heightens the matter between the two of them. How does their personality add to the situation?

Essay Topic 2

From "Small Fry", explain why Nevyrazimov momentarily feels better when he crushes something smaller than himself. How does this alleviate the pains of his life?

Essay Topic 3

In "Panikhida", Andreich subconsciously calls his daughter "harlot" during prayer even though he is just reprimanded by the priest. Find at least two other examples of how the subconscious reveals itself. Describe the two instances and explain how the subconscious works in each of the situations.

Essay Topic 4

The main character in "Easter Night" reminds Ieronym, a monk, how all people die, and how his friend Nikolai, another monk, is lucky to die on the eve of Easter. Although Ieronym is trained as a monk...

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