Stories of Anton Chekov Character Descriptions

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Nikolai Stepanych appears in A Boring Story

This person is a famous lecturer for a university but is aging and losing the teaching skills. This person begins to reflect on the past fame and what it really in life just months before death.

Dr. Andrei Yefimych Ragin appears in Ward No. 6

This person abuses the system by being paid and not doing the job. Eventually, the person ends up in a psychiatric hospital with past patients.

Varka appears in Sleepy

This person kills a baby in order to get some sleep.

Gusev appears in Gusev

This person is a discharged private returning by ship from the Far East to Russia.

Olga Ivanovna appears in The Fidget

This person is obsessed with celebrities and does not appreciate marriage until the spouse becomes ill and dies.

Andrei Kovrin appears in The Black Monk

This person is an artist who begins...

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