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Stories 1 through 3

• The Death of a Clerk - A clerk, Cherviakov, sneezes on a General while at the opera.

• Cherviakov attempts to apologize but the General waves him off saying, "No matter."

• Cherviakov is unsatisfied with the apology and tries again during intermission.

• The next day, the clerk is still upset by the matter and goes to visit the General at his workplace.

• Cherviakov returns home trying to write a letter of apology but decides to try again in person the next day.

• The clerk tries once more to apologize but the General is so angry by the persistence he angrily yells "Get out!"

• Cherviakov is so taken aback, he goes home flustered and dies.

• Small Fry - A lowly clerk, Nevyrazimov is at work on Easter with the hall porter Paramon.

• They hear church bells and carriage noises through a vent.

• Nevyrazimov complains of his bitter life...

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