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Wildfireappears in Wildfire in Manhattan - This is the name of a New York rock band operated by Lukas Wilde.

Cave on the Misty Isleappears in The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains - Located in the Black Mountains, this location is cursed and filled with gold.

Bryant Parkappears in Unbelief - This location is where Kane kills his most important contract.

Pancake Rocksappears in The Stars Are Falling - This refers to a group of flat, rounded sandstone that spans twenty feet from top to bottom.

The Telltale Beanappears in Juvenal Nyx - This is a coffee shop in Brooklyn Heights to which Juvenal takes Iridia after saving her life.

Brooklyn Bridgeappears in Juvenal Nyx - Iridia tries to take her own life at this location.

Mummelsee (Goblin Lake)appears in Goblin Lake - This bottomless lake is said to have a peculiar property...

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