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Wildfireappears in Wildfire in Manhattan

This is the name of a New York rock band operated by Lukas Wilde.

Cave on the Misty Isleappears in The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Located in the Black Mountains, this location is cursed and filled with gold.

Bryant Parkappears in Unbelief

This location is where Kane kills his most important contract.

Pancake Rocksappears in The Stars Are Falling

This refers to a group of flat, rounded sandstone that spans twenty feet from top to bottom.

The Telltale Beanappears in Juvenal Nyx

This is a coffee shop in Brooklyn Heights to which Juvenal takes Iridia after saving her life.

Brooklyn Bridgeappears in Juvenal Nyx

Iridia tries to take her own life at this location.

Mummelsee (Goblin Lake)appears in Goblin Lake

This bottomless lake is said to have a peculiar property of transformation.

Dr. Vandermast's garden in Zayanaappears in Goblin Lake

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