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Blood and Fossil-Figures

• In "Blood," Vera's husband feels the need for blood creep up on him slowly - so slowly that at first he doesn't recognize it.

• When the need first overcomes Vera's husband, he is at home and though he fears being discovered, he cannot resist the blood on the plate with the steaks set out by Vera for dinner.

• Vera's husband convinces himself that he was motivated by a lack of iron and almost buys some but is ashamed when the pharmacist asks for a prescription.
• Vera's husband satisfies himself with raw chicken which leaves him sick and retching for some time afterward, then goes from lamb to biting the head off of the neighbor's chicken.

• Vera finds the chicken head in a sock drawer and her husband finally admits the truth expecting revulsion or disgust.

• Instead, Vera simply asks her husband about his experience.
• In...

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