Objects & Places from Stop-time

Frank Conroy
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The book's prologue and epilogue are both set in this location, where the author presents himself as having established a quiet, productive life occasionally interrupted by spasms of impulsive drinking.

Freemont School

This is where the author's has an experience which, in the narrative's overall context, enlightens him about the dangers of indulging in childish impulses.

New York City

The author's original home to which he frequently returns after lengthy visits to Florida during his childhood.

Fort Lauderdale

The author's other home, provides the backdrop for some of the author's most passionate childhood experiences.

The Dead Mule

The author and his childhood best friend Tobey discover this.

The Cabin in the Mountains

This cold, badly constructed and uncomfortable location was a trigger for all sorts of fears in the young author, where he and his parents stayed on weekends when they worked.

The Southbury Training School


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