Stop-time Fun Activities

Frank Conroy
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Wheel of Fortune

Play a game of Wheel of Fortune using quotes from the text.


Play a game of Jeopardy using quotes, characters, and themes from the text.


Let students decorate a Bingo board in a theme from the text, then a play a game with the class.

Author Flip

Pick a scene from the text and rewrite it in a different tone from the original text.

Research the Author

Research the author and any of his previous works, then write a short response on your findings.

Dress Up

Have each student come to class dressed as their favorite person from "Stop-Time".

Lights, Camera, Action

Divide the class into groups and have each group act out a different scene from "Stop-Time".

Sing It

Have each student bring in a song that reminds them of the text and have them explain their choice with the class.

Critical Review

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