Stop-time Character Descriptions

Frank Conroy
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The Author (Frank Conroy)

Stop-time is an autobiographical recollection of this person's childhood, adolescence, and experiences of growing from childhood into adulthood.


This person is the author's mother and is an immigrant from Denmark.


This person is the primary father figure in the author's young life and can be seen as something of a self-saboteur, or at least that's how the author portrays him.

The Author's Father, Alison, Minnie, Victor, Lucky, Jessica

These members of the author's family, both biological and step, play glimpsed but nevertheless important roles in the narrative.

Teddy, Liggett, Herbie, Sammy, Earl, Peabody

These are all students at the author's first school, the Freemont (Experimental) Boarding School.

The Rawlings Family

The author describes one encounter with these individuals as a moving story of free and playful joy that, in an instant, turns sour.

Donald, Nell Smith

These individuals are portrayed quite negatively...

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