Objects & Places from Stoner

John Williams
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Columbia, Missouri

This is where the majority of the novel takes place, and is where Stoner lives with his family and teaches.

University of Missouri

This is where Stoner went to college and later taught.

St. Louis

This is where Edith is from.


This is where Stoner was born.

The Stoner Farm

This is where Stoner worked as a boy.

Stoner's Study

This is the first thing Stoner remodels when he moves to his house.

World War I

This is a hot topic when Stoner is in college with many students leaving school to participate.

World War II

This breaks out when Stoner is in his fifties and causes him great sadness.

The Idea of the University

This is a thought discussed by Stoner and Masters with one comparing the school to an asylum and the other finding it important in society.

English Literature

This is Stoner's...

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