Daily Lessons for Teaching Stoner

John Williams
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I)


Chapter I - The author begins the book oddly by summarizing the life of its main character, William Stoner. This choice obviously has a purpose and allows the author to feel like they know this character before they even begin reading his story. This lesson will discuss the author's use of summarizing in the book.


1. Class Discussion: On the first page of the book, the author gives away the whole story, in a way, and almost forces assumptions on you about the protagonist William Stoner. Is the author's use of summarizing a different approach than what you usually read? Is this a successful or distracting method? Does this method peak your curiosity or ruin the suspense of the plot?

2. Class Debate: Have the class split into two groups and have each side argue whether the author's use of summarizing William's life in the first pages...

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