Stoner Character Descriptions

John Williams
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William Stoner

This is the protagonist of the book.

Edith Bostwick

This person finds the act of sex disgusting and will hardly allow her husband to touch her.

Mr. Stoner

This person is a simple farmer.

Archer Sloane

This person is the literature teacher who inspires the protagonist to pursue English Literature in college.

David Masters

This person is very intelligent but has a bitter, cynical outlook on life.

Gordon Finch

This person is not a greatly intelligent man, and his decision to study English Literature is motivated more by practical convenience than a true interest.

Grace Stoner

This is the protagonist's daughter who develops a drinking problem.

Hollis Lomax

This person is a professor at the University who suffers from an unfortunate deformity.

Charles Walker

This person is a graduate student in the literature department who suffers from a deformity that makes him crippled.

Katherine Driscoll


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