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John Williams
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Chapter I

• The book opens with the author summarizing the life of William Stoner, who was born on a farm and taught English at the University of Missouri before dying in obscurity.
• Stoner is dedicated to farm work as a boy and isn't interested in anything else.

• When he is 20, Stoner's father suggests he go to the University of Missouri and study agriculture, which he does.

• Stoner does well in school but is bored and soon takes an English class taught by Archer Sloane.
• Stoner does poorly in his English class at first but soon begins to excel and switches his major to English, never telling his parents.

Sloane later talks Stoner into getting his PhD at the University and Stoner agrees.
• Stoner goes home and tells his parents his plans to study English and they are shocked and cannot understand his decision.

Chapters II and III

• WWI...

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