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Short Answer Questions

1. While seated on the veranda at Silverthreads Nursing Home, whose birth does Hagar remember?

2. What was the name of the horse Bram bought in Chapter 3?

3. What does Hagar think about the amenities of the small night watchman's house at the cannery?

4. After the bus drops Hagar off in Shadow Point and she purchases provisions at the service station, how does Hagar get to the fish cannery road?

5. Who did Jason Currie remarry after Hagar's mother died?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hagar view the nursing home?

2. Hagar is obviously unwilling to give in to death. How is that seen in Chapter 3?

3. Describe how Hagar is dressed when, in Chapter 5, she sets out for Shadow Point. What do you think this says about her?

4. What purpose does Doris serve and how is she contrasted against Hagar?

5. Explain the irony of Hagar being moved to a semi-private hospital room.

6. Toward the end of Chapter 4, Hagar needs cash in order to leave Brampton Shipley. How does Hagar get the cash and in doing so, give up her pride?

7. Do you think Hagar's feelings about going to the nursing home are similar to other elderly people? Why or why not?

8. Hagar finds something in common with Elva - they both think they recognize someone. How was this foreshadowed at her first visit to the nursing home?

9. At the nursing home, Hagar thinks she sees someone she knows. Why is this significant?

10. Lottie Dreiser does not remember the incident described about the chicks. What does this say about Hagar as a narrator?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

History repeats itself. In what ways is Arlene making the same mistakes Hagar made at her age?

Essay Topic 2

Hagar's possessions are very important to her.

Part 1) Name some of her possessions and why they are important.

Part 2) When Hagar sees her possessions, what is triggered?

Part 3) What are these possessions worth to Hagar?

Essay Topic 3

Hagar's emotional restraint is seen throughout the novel. Name two instances where she exhibits emotional restraint and how she could have done things differently and what the outcome could have been if she had chosen a different course of action.

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