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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Hagar to become nauseous and then fall in the woods?
(a) Her bowels haven't moved.
(b) The chocolate was bad.
(c) The cheese was bad.
(d) The smell of the fish.

2. Why did John continue to lose jobs?
(a) He was lazy, like his father.
(b) Companies were going out of business.
(c) Some jobs were laying off people, others were temporary.
(d) He stole merchandise.

3. In the privacy of her own bedroom, why didn't Hagar cry for her dead son?
(a) She was already all cried out from losing Bram.
(b) She didn't have any tissue.
(c) She had held back the tears too long and couldn't cry.
(d) She really didn't care that much for John.

4. Who wakes up Hagar one night to tell her something has happened to John?
(a) Marvin.
(b) Henry Pearl.
(c) Jason Currie.
(d) Soldier.

5. What caused the death of John and Arlene?
(a) Broken hearts, when Arlene left for the East.
(b) A freight train hit them head on while they were driving across the trestle bridge.
(c) Drinking John's potato liquor.
(d) A plague of locusts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the patient that befriends Hagar in the hospital?

2. Hagar complains about Dr. Tappen, who is he?

3. What is Hagar afraid of, and never admits to anyone?

4. Hagar asks about Doris and Marvin comments that she has had one of her "spells." What is wrong with Doris?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 7, Hagar wakes up to her first morning at the fish cannery, she thinks it would be nice to be home, but would never admit this to Doris. Why?

Short Essay Questions

1. Hagar finds something in common with Elva, a recognition. How was this foreshadowed at her first visit to the nursing home?

2. In Chapter 9, why do you think Hagar apologize to the nurse?

3. Why does Hagar try to be helpful to her roommate?

4. What do you see creating distance and hardness between Hagar and her sons, as well as everyone else?

5. How would you describe Mr. Murray Lees in Chapter 8?

6. John's death effected Hagar deeply. However, she was not able to show the emotion until she drinks wine with Mr. Lee. Why do you think that was?

7. Having never said a kind word about Bram, why do you think Hagar tells Elva her husband had been very handsome?

8. What do you think putting on pink lipstick does to the stone angel?

9. In the hospital, how is Hagar's soft food diet ironic?

10. In Chapter 7, Hagar sees that Arlene is making the same mistakes she did. How is this true?

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