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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John dies, a nurse urges Hagar to cry. She doesn't, why?
(a) She would never allow herself to cry in front of strangers.
(b) She didn't have any tissue.
(c) She was already all cried out from losing Bram.
(d) She really didn't care that much for John.

2. What must the nurse do to Hagar for her own safety, after she was found wandering the halls?
(a) Sedate her.
(b) Send her to the naughty corner.
(c) Strap her to a chair.
(d) Put her in a straight-jacket.

3. What calms Hagar as she is in the woods?
(a) Knowing she can always go home.
(b) A woodcutter with bottle of water for her.
(c) A stream of fresh water.
(d) Sounds and activity of the wildlife.

4. When Hagar returns to present time, she is startled by two things she is doing, what are they?
(a) Eating uncontrollably and telling her story out loud.
(b) Smoking and drinking.
(c) Crying and telling her story out loud.
(d) Crying and speaking German.

5. Why does Hagar return to Manawaka and the Shipley farm?
(a) Bram is really sick, and dying.
(b) Bram is dead.
(c) There is a drought.
(d) John broke his leg.

6. Who does Hagar form and alliance with in hopes of keeping John and Arlene from marrying?
(a) Telford.
(b) Lottie.
(c) Charlie Bean.
(d) Marvin.

7. What wakes Hagar up at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) Rain.
(b) Footsteps.
(c) A train.
(d) A gull.

8. How does Elva suggest that Hagar relieve the pain in her chest?
(a) Valuim.
(b) Ask the doctor for a night shot.
(c) Meditation and yoga.
(d) Pray and sing.

9. Who does Hagar deliver the box labeled "Clara Shipley" to?
(a) Bram's daughter, Jess.
(b) Bram's daughter, Gladys.
(c) Aunt Doll.
(d) Marvin.

10. Why does Hagar think the two men she loved died?
(a) Hard work.
(b) Partly due to her restraint.
(c) Broken hearts.
(d) Drinking too much.

11. Why didn't John want to apply for a scholarship or loan to go to college?
(a) He didn't know why he should since is mother made so much money with her stocks.
(b) He said he didn't have the brains.
(c) He said he was too old and didn't have the brains.
(d) He said he didn't want to leave Arlene.

12. Why does Hagar rarely visit her first son, Marvin, who lives nearby?
(a) He doesn't want his mother to visit.
(b) She doesn't feel welcomed.
(c) She feels uncomfortable around him.
(d) His wife, Doris, is obnoxious.

13. What is Hagar afraid of, and never admits to anyone?
(a) She is afraid of real horses.
(b) She is afraid of the dark.
(c) She is afraid of potato peelings.
(d) She is afraid of birds.

14. Hagar tells Marvin she will go straight to Silverthreads, but where does she have to go first instead and why?
(a) Hospital, something showed up on her x-rays.
(b) Her new home in Shadow Point that he just bought her.
(c) Home, to pack her things.
(d) Home, because she isn't going to Silverthreads.

15. What causes Hagar to become nauseous and then fall in the woods?
(a) Her bowels haven't moved.
(b) The chocolate was bad.
(c) The smell of the fish.
(d) The cheese was bad.

Short Answer Questions

1. When it is clear that Bram is dying, Marvin comes to visit him. Hagar overhears Marvin tell Bram something that she wishes she could also say to Bram. What is it?

2. As Mr. Troy sings, what does Hagar recognize?

3. Hagar's new roommate is Sandra Wong, in the semi-private room of the hospital, is an Asian girl. Where does Hagar think she descended from?

4. What has been John's therapy for his dying father?

5. Hagar asks about Doris and Marvin comments that she has had one of her "spells." What is wrong with Doris?

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