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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At age 90, Hagar recalls only two things she has done truly free. What are they?
(a) Having two sons, Marvin and John.
(b) Retrieving the bedpan for her roommate and telling Marvin he was a better son than John.
(c) Selling eggs and her mother's limoge china.
(d) Knitting socks for orphans and baking bread for the needy.

2. At the end of Chapter 7, Hagar is in the woods, stops her daydreaming, and she realizes she doesn't have the strength to make it back to the groundskeepers house. Where does she go instead?
(a) The bus station.
(b) The cannery.
(c) She takes a boat out to sea.
(d) Marvin and Doris' house.

3. Hagar realizes that Marvin cares deeply about Doris. What comment does Hagar make about that?
(a) She does not understand the feeling.
(b) He is just confused.
(c) She doesn't understand why because Doris is greedy.
(d) Marvin should get his head examined.

4. What does Hagar decorate her hair with?
(a) Shells of dead June bugs.
(b) Some sand because it sparkles.
(c) Sea shells.
(d) Fishing rope.

5. Who does Hagar form and alliance with in hopes of keeping John and Arlene from marrying?
(a) Charlie Bean.
(b) Marvin.
(c) Lottie.
(d) Telford.

6. What kind of diet did Hagar's doctor order for her?
(a) Soft food.
(b) No diet, she can eat anything she wants.
(c) Low acid.
(d) No fat.

7. When John dies, a nurse urges Hagar to cry. She doesn't, why?
(a) She didn't have any tissue.
(b) She would never allow herself to cry in front of strangers.
(c) She was already all cried out from losing Bram.
(d) She really didn't care that much for John.

8. What do Hagar and Murray Lees share during their time together?
(a) Chocolates, cheese, and crackers.
(b) Fresh water, wine, and chocolates.
(c) Cigarettes, wine, and stories of their life.
(d) Pan-fried gull.

9. How does Elva suggest that Hagar relieve the pain in her chest?
(a) Pray and sing.
(b) Ask the doctor for a night shot.
(c) Meditation and yoga.
(d) Valuim.

10. What must the nurse do to Hagar for her own safety, after she was found wandering the halls?
(a) Sedate her.
(b) Put her in a straight-jacket.
(c) Send her to the naughty corner.
(d) Strap her to a chair.

11. Hagar's roommate needs a bedpan, but her nurse doesn't come. What does Hagar do?
(a) Starts yelling for the nurse.
(b) Pretends like she is sleeping.
(c) Gets the bedpan for her.
(d) Tells her to hold it.

12. Why does Arlene Simmons bring John home one night?
(a) His car broke down.
(b) He is too lazy to drive himself home.
(c) He broke his leg delivering eggs.
(d) He is drunk.

13. When Hagar and John go to town to sell eggs, who does she see flirting with John?
(a) Gladys Shipley.
(b) Jess Shipley.
(c) Aunt Doll.
(d) Arlene Simmons.

14. Upon her arrival at Jess' house, with the box labeled "Clara Shipley", who does Hagar find talking to Jess?
(a) Christina.
(b) Arlene Simmons.
(c) John, asking about their father.
(d) Marvin.

15. After Mr. Troy leaves the hospital after visiting Hagar, who comes to visit Hagar?
(a) Her granddaughter, Tina.
(b) Her great grandson, Soldier.
(c) Her grandson, Stephen.
(d) Her grandson, Daniel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't John want to apply for a scholarship or loan to go to college?

2. What causes Hagar to become nauseous and then fall in the woods?

3. In the privacy of her own bedroom, why didn't Hagar cry for her dead son?

4. Why does Hagar think the two men she loved died?

5. How does Hagar feel about her world in the beginning of Chapter 10?

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