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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Mr. Troy leaves the hospital after visiting Hagar, who comes to visit Hagar?
(a) Her great grandson, Soldier.
(b) Her grandson, Stephen.
(c) Her granddaughter, Tina.
(d) Her grandson, Daniel.

2. Hagar realizes that Marvin cares deeply about Doris. What comment does Hagar make about that?
(a) He is just confused.
(b) She doesn't understand why because Doris is greedy.
(c) She does not understand the feeling.
(d) Marvin should get his head examined.

3. Who wakes up Hagar one night to tell her something has happened to John?
(a) Jason Currie.
(b) Marvin.
(c) Henry Pearl.
(d) Soldier.

4. When will Elva get to go home from the hospital?
(a) Never.
(b) After she puts on 100 pounds.
(c) After two more surgeries.
(d) Tomorrow.

5. Even though Marvin hated smoking, what does he give Hagar?
(a) A small purse ashtray.
(b) Cinnamon chewing gum.
(c) A pack of Camels.
(d) A large and beautiful glass ashtray.

6. What was Telford and Lottie's plan for Arlene, to get her away from John?
(a) To go East and earn money for a year.
(b) To go East and raise horses.
(c) To go to the convent.
(d) To go East and live with her Aunt Doll.

7. Why does Hagar rarely visit her first son, Marvin, who lives nearby?
(a) He doesn't want his mother to visit.
(b) His wife, Doris, is obnoxious.
(c) She doesn't feel welcomed.
(d) She feels uncomfortable around him.

8. What happens when Hagar offers some food to the children?
(a) They run home.
(b) They eat the cheese and chocolate.
(c) They politely say no thank you.
(d) They eat everything she has left.

9. When Murray realized Hagar is ill, what does he do?
(a) Performs surgery in the cannery.
(b) Leaves and doesn't come back.
(c) Urges her to sleep.
(d) Takes her to a doctor.

10. As Mr. Troy sings, what does Hagar recognize?
(a) A bird is sitting at her window.
(b) He can't sing well at all.
(c) He is tone-deaf.
(d) She has always wanted to feel joy.

11. Hagar asks Lottie about the incident with the chicks that happened when they were children. What is Lottie's response?
(a) She says that Hagar killed the chicks not her.
(b) She remembers and is glad she did it.
(c) She does not remember the incident.
(d) She says that Hagar has lost all her marbles and should be committed.

12. What question does Hagar ask Stephen that surprises him?
(a) If he is a virgin.
(b) If he drinks.
(c) If he smokes.
(d) If he is content.

13. Where did Elva attend church, and how far was it from Manawaka?
(a) Freehold, not far.
(b) West Freehold, 1500 miles.
(c) East Freehold, 1000 miles.
(d) Freehold, 500 miles.

14. What has Hagar thrown joy aside for?
(a) Money, fame, and fortune.
(b) Proper appearances, pride, and fear.
(c) Fear, restraint, and honesty.
(d) Pride, humility, and grace.

15. When Marvin visits Hagar the next day, what does she tell him that moves him emotionally?
(a) She loves him.
(b) She loves Doris.
(c) That he was a better son than John.
(d) His is crabby.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hagar say Stephen looks like?

2. What must the nurse do to Hagar for her own safety, after she was found wandering the halls?

3. Hagar tells Marvin she will go straight to Silverthreads, but where does she have to go first instead and why?

4. At the end of Chapter 7, Hagar is in the woods, stops her daydreaming, and she realizes she doesn't have the strength to make it back to the groundskeepers house. Where does she go instead?

5. Why does Arlene Simmons bring John home one night?

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