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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hagar,while pretending to sleep, overhear Elva say to the ladies in the public ward of the hospital?
(a) I am going to pray for her tonight.
(b) Sleep will do her good.
(c) Hagar sure is cranky.
(d) Bless her heart.

2. Hagar tells Marvin she will go straight to Silverthreads, but where does she have to go first instead and why?
(a) Hospital, something showed up on her x-rays.
(b) Home, to pack her things.
(c) Her new home in Shadow Point that he just bought her.
(d) Home, because she isn't going to Silverthreads.

3. Who does Hagar deliver the box labeled "Clara Shipley" to?
(a) Bram's daughter, Jess.
(b) Marvin.
(c) Aunt Doll.
(d) Bram's daughter, Gladys.

4. What does Hagar notice about the little girl and boy playing house?
(a) The little boy is constantly correcting and critical of the little girl.
(b) They look hungry.
(c) The little girl criticzes the little boy and correct him.
(d) Their clothing is old and worn.

5. Why does Hagar return to Manawaka and the Shipley farm?
(a) Bram is dead.
(b) Bram is really sick, and dying.
(c) There is a drought.
(d) John broke his leg.

6. What does Hagar tell Mr. Oatley about why she needed a few more weeks in Manawaka?
(a) Her son died.
(b) Her brother died.
(c) The farm needed tending to.
(d) She really liked it there.

7. Sandra, Hagar's roommate in the hospital, is angry with Hagar when she is wheeled back in after surgery to remove her appendix. Why is Sandra angry with Hagar?
(a) For using bad language.
(b) For stealing the sheets off her bed.
(c) For telling her the surgery wouldn't hurt.
(d) For talking in her sleep.

8. Even though Marvin hated smoking, what does he give Hagar?
(a) A large and beautiful glass ashtray.
(b) A small purse ashtray.
(c) Cinnamon chewing gum.
(d) A pack of Camels.

9. In the cannery, what is Hagar using for a table and chairs?
(a) An old folding table and she sits in a boat.
(b) An old folding table and a crate for a chair.
(c) Old crates.
(d) A fine handcrafted mahogony stained oak table with twelve matching chairs.

10. What did Arlene have to do in order to bring John home?
(a) Figure out how to shift gears.
(b) Learn how to drive.
(c) Stand up to her parents.
(d) Find the car keys.

11. When Murray realized Hagar is ill, what does he do?
(a) Leaves and doesn't come back.
(b) Takes her to a doctor.
(c) Performs surgery in the cannery.
(d) Urges her to sleep.

12. How does Hagar try to comfort Sandra, her roommate in the hospital, about her upcoming surgery to remove her appendix?
(a) Tells her the doctor is a pro at taking an appendix out.
(b) Tells her there is nothing to worry about.
(c) Tells her "chin up little camper."
(d) Tells her to get up and leave the hospital, she'll be fine.

13. Why didn't John want to apply for a scholarship or loan to go to college?
(a) He said he was too old and didn't have the brains.
(b) He said he didn't have the brains.
(c) He didn't know why he should since is mother made so much money with her stocks.
(d) He said he didn't want to leave Arlene.

14. What does Hagar feel like she is waiting for now in her dying days at the hospital?
(a) For the movie and popcorn she requested earlier.
(b) Her cup of tea.
(c) Marvin to bring her more roses.
(d) "For someone to call her name just beyond the door where the light shines."

15. What caused the death of John and Arlene?
(a) Drinking John's potato liquor.
(b) A plague of locusts.
(c) A freight train hit them head on while they were driving across the trestle bridge.
(d) Broken hearts, when Arlene left for the East.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did John continue to lose jobs?

2. After losing jobs, and not having money to go to college, what does John decided to do?

3. In the beginning of Chapter 9 while at the cannery, before being taken to the hospital, who sympathizes with Hagar on the loss of her son, and in turn she sympathizes him on the loss of his son?

4. Who does Hagar say Stephen looks like?

5. Who is the patient that befriends Hagar in the hospital?

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