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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hagar asks Lottie about the incident with the chicks that happened when they were children. What is Lottie's response?
(a) She does not remember the incident.
(b) She says that Hagar has lost all her marbles and should be committed.
(c) She says that Hagar killed the chicks not her.
(d) She remembers and is glad she did it.

2. What was Murray's son's name, and how did he die?
(a) Donnie, smoke inhalation.
(b) Donnie, drinking.
(c) Henry, smoke inhalation.
(d) Charlie, hypothermia.

3. How does Hagar refer to the house when her, Marvin, and Doris leave Silverthreads?
(a) As Marvin and Doris' house.
(b) As her, Marvin, and Doris' house equally.
(c) As her house and no one elses.
(d) As John's house.

4. Why didn't John want to apply for a scholarship or loan to go to college?
(a) He said he didn't want to leave Arlene.
(b) He said he was too old and didn't have the brains.
(c) He said he didn't have the brains.
(d) He didn't know why he should since is mother made so much money with her stocks.

5. Why does Hagar return to Manawaka and the Shipley farm?
(a) Bram is dead.
(b) There is a drought.
(c) Bram is really sick, and dying.
(d) John broke his leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what heritage are the Curries?

2. At the end of Chapter 7, Hagar is in the woods, stops her daydreaming, and she realizes she doesn't have the strength to make it back to the groundskeepers house. Where does she go instead?

3. How does Hagar get to the hospital to deliver her second son, John?

4. What does Hagar find out when she calls Mrs. Conner, the doctor's wife, to introduce herself?

5. What causes Hagar to become nauseous and then fall in the woods?

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