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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Arlene have to do in order to bring John home?
(a) Figure out how to shift gears.
(b) Find the car keys.
(c) Learn how to drive.
(d) Stand up to her parents.

2. When Marvin and Doris come to visit Hagar at the hospital again, what does Doris offer to do?
(a) Get her a bed pan.
(b) Smack her hand with a ruler if she gets out of bed again.
(c) Hagar's hair.
(d) Arrange the roses.

3. Who does John's manhood remind Hagar of?
(a) Daniel.
(b) Charlie Bean.
(c) Bram.
(d) Jason Currie.

4. How does Hagar say good-bye to her brother, Matt, when she leaves for boarding school?
(a) With a very cold good-bye, however she does cry after boarding the train.
(b) With a warm hug and bitter tears.
(c) With her nose in the air and a brush of her shoulder.
(d) With a handshake and a wave from the train.

5. Hagar complains about Dr. Tappen, who is he?
(a) Elva's doctor.
(b) Her current doctor.
(c) Her childhood doctor.
(d) Her childhood dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. While seated on the veranda at Silverthreads Nursing Home, whose birth does Hagar remember?

2. How does Hagar comment on Bram Shipley's dancing?

3. Who did Jason Currie remarry after Hagar's mother died?

4. What did Hagar tell her employer, Mr. Oatley, about her husband?

5. How does Hagar feel, physically, as she climbs the steps to the small night watchman's house at the cannery?

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