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Stone Angel - Cemetery monument that stands over Hagar's mother's grave.

Flowers - Native and wild varieties impinge on cemetery plots.

Mice - Seen scurrying around in a sultana barrel at the Currie store.

Ruler - Used to strike Hagar on the hand.

Humane Society - Where the wealthy aunt left her money.

Silver Candlesticks - Donated to the new church by Jason Currie.

Fighting Cock - Matt Currie spent all his money on this, and lost.

Old Plaid Shawl - Matt Currie put it on to comfort his dying brother.

Wine Decanter - Made of cut glass and silver. A prized possession of Hagar's.

Jug - Belonged to Hagar's mother.

Brown Pottery Pitcher - Belonged to Bram's mother and is loved by Tina.

Solider - Bram's gray stallion.

Plaid-pin of the Curries - Given to John at age six, significant of his Scottish heritage.

Eggs - Sold...

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