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Chapter 1

1. What is the stone angel?
(a) Small figurine Hagar keeps in her pocket.
(b) A cemetery monument that used to stand over the Hagar's mother's grave.
(c) The Currie family moto.
(d) Yard statue standing in Hagar's front yard.

2. What is the stone angel supposed to do?
(a) Sing a hymn.
(b) Guide the townspeople to heaven.
(c) Pray to heaven.
(d) Keep everyone safe.

3. What does the stone angel remind Hagar of?
(a) Her mother.
(b) A poem by Keates.
(c) A favorite hymn.
(d) Long walks she used to take through the cemetery.

4. What kept impinging on the cemetery plots?
(a) Bermuda grass.
(b) Wild and native flowers.
(c) Cats.
(d) Bees and grasshoppers.

5. What are Hagar's two hobbies?
(a) Baking bread and knitting.
(b) Remembering past time, "carping," and smoking cigarettes.
(c) Drawing and singing.
(d) Playing cards and drinking.

6. Who was Hagar's father?
(a) Jason Currie, a Scottish merchant who ran the town's store.
(b) Jason Shipley, a farmer.
(c) Matt Currie, a financial advisor.
(d) Jason Currie, an Irish merchant who ran the town's store.

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