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Central Council of the Midlands - This is the governing body lead by the Mother Confessor.

Stone of Tears - This object is one of many things that helps to keep the Keeper trapped in his prison.

Midlands - This is the place where much of the story takes place.

Aydindril - This is the town in the Midlands where Kahlan is sentenced to death.

Addictive Magic - This is the type that most wizards and sorceresses have.

Subtractive Magic - This form of magic is more rare than Addictive Magic and rarely do objects or people have both.

Sword of Truth - This is the weapon used by the Seeker of Truth.

Scarlet - This is the Red Dragon that Richard befriends by saving her egg.

Screeling - This is one of the Keeper's monstrous assassins.

Sister of the Light - She is a sorceress that...

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