Objects & Places from Stone Butch Blues

Leslie Feinberg
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The Butch-Femme Dichotomy

This is a group of people who include two strikingly polar opposites. One half of this group includes women wear men's suits and ties and kept their hair short. The other half includes women that keep their hair long, wore high heels, and long fingernails.

Jess' Rings

The narrative contains these three important pieces of jewelry.


These places are the locus of gay social life where they could meet with others like them and meet potential sexual partners.


In STONE BUTCH BLUES, this is a signifier of character.


Jess, like many other butches, chooses this as her mode of transportation as soon as she can afford it.


At various times in her life, Jess finds that these awaken her to issues in her own life.


This is an artificial penis that is usually made of rubber.


Ever since Jess...

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