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Chevy Stevens
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Annie doing when she was recently attacked, as told to her psychiatrist in Session 22?

2. Luke did not search for Annie at the open house until she had been missing for how long?

3. For what crime is Dwight in prison?

4. In Session 15, Annie describes how her mother belittled Annie's grief over what?

5. What does Annie say the officer from Clayton Falls asked her to look at again even though she had gotten frustrated with them before in Session 22?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Annie end the conversation with her mother described in Session 26? What does Annie relate about Christina in this session?

2. What conversation with Luke does Annie describe to her therapist in Session 18?

3. What did Annie's mother admit during her interrogation, as related by Annie in Session 25?

4. What argument does Annie describe with her mother in Session 15?

5. What does Annie relate about the burglar in her neighborhood in Session 19?

6. What led to Annie's release from the hospital, as described in Session 21? What happened when Annie left?

7. What evidence does Gary relate to Annie regarding her mother, as described in Session 24?

8. What did Wayne confess to Annie, as she relates in Session 24?

9. What did Annie learn from her mother about her relationship with Dwight, as described in Session 26?

10. What does Annie relate about her conversation with her mother over dinner in Session 23?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the emotional and physical status of Annie in her seventh month of captivity. How has her character changed during the abduction?

Essay Topic 2

Define and discuss the theme of fear in the novel. What literary devices does Chevy Stevens use to build suspense throughout the narrative?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss and analyze the character of Christina in the novel. What is Annie's relationship with Christina like? How has it changed?

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