Still Missing Short Essay - Answer Key

Chevy Stevens
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1. How is the literary device of the therapist introduced in Session 1? What does Annie discuss about her history of therapists? Why did he come here?

Annie tells her psychiatrist, Nadine, that she is the second psychiatrist that she has been to see since escaping from her abductor less than four months previously. Annie is very angry and this comes through in her speech. Annie then tells Nadine about the morning she was abducted, how it was a Sunday and she slept late despite having an open house that day.

2. What took place on the morning of Annie's abduction, as described in Session 1?

As a realtor, Annie was currently attempting to win a big contract for a large condominium project. As Annie prepared to leave that morning, she thought of the dinner she planned to have with her boyfriend, Luke, that night. When the phone rang, Annie argued with her mother over an espresso machine she had allowed her mother to borrow.

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