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Chevy Stevens
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sessions 19-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Annie feel about her baby once it was born?
(a) She hated it.
(b) She wanted to kill it.
(c) She loved it.
(d) She was jealous of it.

2. The man who recently attacked Annie in Session 22 was driving what type of vehicle?
(a) A silver sports car.
(b) A black truck.
(c) A white van.
(d) A red sedan.

3. In Session 11, Annie tells her psychiatrist that her mother sold all her belongings during her absence in order to pay for what?
(a) Her cocaine habit.
(b) A private investigator.
(c) The reward for any information on her abduction.
(d) Mortgage payments.

4. Who cut the umbilical cord when Annie gave birth?
(a) Annie.
(b) A friendly neighbor.
(c) Her abductor.
(d) A midwife.

5. What is the secret name that Annie gave to the baby she had while in captivity?
(a) Summer.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Hope.
(d) Samantha.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Annie beg her abductor to do when he came back to the cabin sick, as described in Session 13?

2. In Session 20, Annie says that the small town cops she went to after escaping her abduction called in cops from where?

3. The woman who befriended Annie's abductor in a logging camp eventually did what?

4. Who came to pick up Annie when she was released from the hospital after her abduction?

5. After how many days did Annie's abductor return to the cabin, as described in Session 6?

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