Objects & Places from Still Missing

Chevy Stevens
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Hair Tie

Annie finds this object in her mother's bathroom that is similar to one she saw in the shed at the cabin that was around a bunch of money in the Freak's things.

Gold Necklace

The Freak gives Annie this object as a gift during her captivity, telling her he bought it for another woman.

Baby Blanket

Annie takes this object with her when she leaves the cabin after the Freak's death.


Annie kills the Freak with this weapon in the moments after he announces his intention to begin raping her again in order to achieve a new pregnancy.


Annie realizes that this object is one that she had in her house that her mother stole and gave to Simon Rousseau to entice him to abduct her.

Custom Fitted Cabin

Annie is kept hostage in this place.


This location is where Annie discovers a...

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