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Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Leigh-Cheri ask Bernard in Chapter Forty-Three?

2. Although Bernard rebels against behavioral codes, what does he do?

3. What word does Leigh-Cheri realize looks the same in a mirror?

4. What question does Leigh-Cheri ask at the end of Chapter Eighty-One?

5. What does Bernard do when Leigh-Cheri insults him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Leigh-Cheri visit the pyramid the night before her wedding to A'ben Fizel?

2. What does Leigh-Cheri begin to do while she is in her self-imposed solitary confinement?

3. Why does the writer say his new typewriter will have to cope with letters, words and sentence structures that no other typewriter has ever had?

4. What mishaps do not endear Bernard to Queen Tilli?

5. What drastic measure does Leigh-Cheri do to show her support and love for Bernard while he is in prison?

6. What does Leigh-Cheri do on her birthday?

7. What is Bernard's reaction to Leigh-Cheri's self-imposed solitary confinement?

8. What did Bernard do to his attorney when he learned he was not going to have a trial and would only finish his original sentence?

9. What happened that coincided with what looked to Leigh-Cheri, Bernard, and their companions to be a space ship flying by them?

10. What does Bernard think has happened to Leigh-Cheri after he awakens following the blast that set them free?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After the explosion when Leigh-Cheri and Bernard were together again, what did they remember about their time after the blast? Was it a dream? Did it really happen? How can it be explained?

Essay Topic 2

What leads Leigh-Cheri to use the metaphor of a smoker's lung as a naked virgin sacrificed into godfire? Why does she use this example? Explain her reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Leigh-Cheri's bedtime story causes much ado when Bernard wants to know what happened to the golden ball. Is this a normal curiosity or a ploy used in the plot so that the writer can bring up the golden ball again later in the story? Where in the story is the golden ball misused as a metaphor for something else? Is the golden ball a metaphor or something in the story? If so, what?

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