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Mary Roach
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mary Roach dismayed to find out about brains in the brain bank?

2. What does Mary Roach decide about disposing of her remains?

3. What state is H in when she arrives at UCSF medical center?

4. What was Barbet skeptical about?

5. When did McDougal perform his experiments?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Dr. Robert White do with a monkey brain, and what was Mary Roach's question for Dr. Robert White?

2. Describe the procedure in which H was opened.

3. Who was Dr. Joseph Guillotin and what was his opinion about the ethics of decapitation as a method of execution?

4. What percentage of cadavers donated to science become anatomy lab dissections?

5. What belief did Georges Martin try to debunk?

6. What was Frederick Zugibe's test and his conclusion?

7. What practice came from experiments from V. N. Shamov?

8. What part of the history of cremation does Mary Roach describe?

9. What does Mary Roach say she ultimately wants to do with her body?

10. What was H being used for at the UCSF Medical Center when Mary Roach was observing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How would you characterize Mary Roach's religious views and sensibility? What do you think are her religious beliefs, based on the book?

Essay Topic 2

Many of the questions raised in 'Stiff' are the result of industrial modernism--what other social changes are they related to? How do you see the questions presented in 'Stiff' arise in other fields, such as health care or insurance or education, or politics, for instance?

Essay Topic 3

What material is missing from 'Stiff', and what is the effect of its absence? What, if anything, should Mary Roach have covered which she did not?

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