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Clarice Monroe

This is the name of a steamboat that was lost at sea in October of 1838.

Concord, NH

This is where the Ellis family spends its winters.

Courne Haven, ME

This is where the Cobb, Pommeroy, Strachen and Wishnell families hail.


This is the state where Ruth went to a private girls' school.

Ellis Granite Company

This is the backbone of the economy on Fort Niles and Courne Haven islands for decades.

Ellis House

This is the finest structure where Ruth lives.

Fort Niles Island, ME

Gavin Beach is located here.

Fort Niles Museum of Natural History

The institution long envisioned by Senator Simon Addams.

Goat's Rock Lighthouse Lens

Ruth sells this for $22,000 to raise seed money for a bait dealership.

New Hope

This is the boat that carries clergymen to the islands of Maine and Nova Scotia.

Potter Beach

This is where an elephant's tusk...

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