Stern Men Character Descriptions

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Ruth Thomas-Wishnell

This character is the protagonist of the novel.

Rhonda Pommeroy

This character makes a living by cutting and styling people's hair.

Senator Simon Addams

This character's dream is to open a museum.

Angus Addams

This character's nickname is Greedy Number One.

Jim Burden

This character gets lost on the Atlantic during a lobster war.

Cal Cooley

This character is the servant of the prominent tycoon with a house on Fort Niles.

Jane Smith-Ellis

This character is the maternal grandmother of the protagonist.

Dr. Jules Ellis

This character was a captain of industry and also a physician.

Lanford Ellis

This character gives the protagonist a key before she goes into the forest with Owney.

Vera Ellis / Mrs. Joseph Hanson

This character is described as a giggler in her old age.

Conway, John, and Chester Pommeroy

These characters are the sons of the protagonist's neighbor. They all join...

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