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• The author introduces the setting of the novel: Fort Niles and Courne Haven, two islands off the coast of Maine.

• Dr. Jules Ellis once ran a granite industry on Courne Haven. Most of the men turned to lobster fishing when the industry went under.

• Ebbett Thomas is introduced. He had two sons, Stanley and Len. Stanley will go on to have Ruth, the protagonist of the novel.

Chapter 1

• Ruth's mother has a hard time while giving birth to her.

• When Ruth is nine, she becomes close to Rhonda, the next-door neighbor, when her parents go away for a summer.

• Ruth's mother does not return at the end of the summer.

• Ira dies and his sons see his dead body, which traumatizes them.

• Ruth spots a mysterious figure during Ira's funeral service.

• Simon tries to look after Rhonda and her sons following Ira's death.

Chapter 2

• Ruth is sent...

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