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Stephen Coonts
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who picks Karr for a body guard?
(a) Dean.
(b) Rubens.
(c) Lia.
(d) Deidre.

2. Who runs out of the bathroom screaming?
(a) Deidre.
(b) The guard.
(c) An old woman attendant.
(d) Lia.

3. What update from headquarters does Dean receive about the chemist who disappeared?
(a) That he was really a woman.
(b) That he did not work for the French government.
(c) That he was a confirmed terrorist.
(d) That he is alive and well in Paris.

4. If the Chunnel collapses, what will hit the English Channel shoreline?
(a) A tornado.
(b) A wall of water.
(c) Big pieces of concrete.
(d) French revolutionary troops.

5. Who enters the Islamic charity to find Lia?
(a) Dean.
(b) Duoar.
(c) Bib.
(d) Karr.

6. What do police rule as the official cause of explosion at Vefoures's house?
(a) Electrical.
(b) Arson.
(c) A bomb.
(d) Leaky gas pipe.

7. Who says Vefoures wouldn't have anything to do with terrorists?
(a) Karr.
(b) Dean.
(c) LaFoote.
(d) Rubens.

8. What must Lia deliver on her North Korea mission?
(a) An American magazine.
(b) A photograph.
(c) A paperclip.
(d) A business card.

9. Why doesn't the assassin want to kill Jacques Ponclare?
(a) He likes the man.
(b) He moves too quickly and is not an easy target.
(c) He doesn't do jobs in Paris.
(d) It is his cousin.

10. What does Lia spill at the Islamic charity?
(a) Her tools.
(b) Solvent to dissolve glue.
(c) Her guts.
(d) Coffee.

11. Who spills coffee in the library?
(a) The librarian.
(b) A suspicious man.
(c) Dean.
(d) Lia.

12. Which officer gives Dean information about the murdered man?
(a) Gordon Pierce.
(b) Gordon Kensworth.
(c) Former agent LaFoote.
(d) Chief Inspector Lang.

13. Where did the French terrorists hide their computer files?
(a) On a secret CD.
(b) In one computer at the Eiffel Tower library.
(c) In the computers of other people.
(d) In a croissant.

14. What is lacking in the terrorists' internet activity?
(a) Patterns.
(b) Passwords.
(c) An important CD.
(d) Two hard drives.

15. Where do Karr and LaFoote find the items in Vefoures's house?
(a) Inside a wall.
(b) Between his mattresses.
(c) In a bathroom cabinet.
(d) Under the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Karr about the chemist who disappeared?

2. Why does Lia visit an Islamic charity?

3. Who cries in an elevator after seeing Karr and Dean?

4. Who grabs Karr and Dean in the Waterloo terminal?

5. Who was the woman whose purse was stolen?

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