Objects & Places from Stephen Coonts' Deep Black

Stephen Coonts
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This is the capital of England and is the site of the opening of the book.

The Art Room

This is the high-tech situation room at the NSA in Ft. Meade, Maryland.


This is the capital of France, where a vengeful terror attack is planned to occur.

North Korea

This Communist nation borders mainland China and is where one "journalist" is detained and abused.


This is a country that borders China and is where Lia is taken and put on another plane with a Desk Three agent.


This country is where the plane carrying Lia travels to.

Ft. Meade

This is where the National Security Agency is located.


This North African country is where two characters change a microphone in a fake Islamic charity building.

Washington DC

This is the location where the situation room meeting is held.

The Chunnel

This runs underneath...

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