Stephen Coonts' Deep Black Character Descriptions

Stephen Coonts
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Charles Dean

This character often disobeys work orders to make sure that a former lover is safe.


Mussa Duoar

This character is planning a terrorist act to avenge a father's death.

Lia DeFrancesca

This character works in North Korea posing as a journalist.

Tommy Karr

This character is at the Eiffel Tower when the terrorist attack begins and is instrumental in foiling the terrorists.

Patrick Donohue

This character is specifically hired to search a room for certain computer disks but does not find them.

Denis LaFoote

This 72 year old is suffocated by another character.

Johnny Bibleria

This character is an NSA mathematician, cryptologist, and analyst.

Alroy Clancy

This character is the American Ambassador to England.

William Rubens

This character is the head of Desk Three of the NSA.

Marie Telach

This NSA employee supervises the Art Room.

George Hadash

This character is the national security adviser.

Ray Fashona

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