Stephen Coonts' Deep Black Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephen Coonts
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Chapter 1-10

• The book opens with Charles Dean and his partner, Tommy Karr, riding separately on a bus.

• Dean and Karr see a beautiful woman being robbed. Both run to help the woman.

• Karr catches the thief and returns the purse to the woman.

• Karr and Dean decide to have coffee while waiting for their afternoon meeting.

• In Paris, an engineer is explaining the activity on a computer screen to Mussa Duoar.

• The technician demonstrates how an explosion causing the collapse of the tunnel under the English Channel will result in a wall of water hitting the shoreline. The water would flood Belgium, The Netherlands, and most of the French coast.

• The engineer asks to be paid and Duoar kills him.

• William Rubens, the head of the NSA Desk Three, stops at the nursing home on his way to work to see General John Paul Rosenberg, who had...

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