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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucy tell the imaginary Mr. Turner what she thought when she first saw the valley?

2. What day is it at the opening of Chapter 12?

3. How does Tusker find out that Lucy hired the mali?

4. Why does Lucy enjoy returning to Rose Cottage?

5. What does Mrs. Bhoolabhoy accuse Joseph of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the rituals associated with the holiday of Holi. What is it? Why is it celebrated?

2. After Lucy's encounter with Mrs. Bhoolabhoy in the dining room, what is Lucy's attitude when she returns home? What does she decide to do?

3. What is the financial situation for Lucy after Tusker dies? Why is she explaining this to Mr. Turner?

4. In Chapter 15, Ibrahim finally tells the reader what he thinks about Tusker. How does he feel about his employer?

5. What did Tusker do at the time of the "debacle?"

6. What makes Mr. Bhoolabhoy feel left out at the church? Is he right to have these feelings? Why or why not?

7. As Lucy and Ibrahim stand in the kitchen and plan Father Sebastian's meal, Lucy pours Ibrahim a gin. What does this signify? Does the action seen too familiar or does it seem to fit the relationship between the two?

8. After Tusker dies, who offers Lucy a home? Why is this important? What does this say about Lucy's customs all along?

9. After Tusker dies, Lucy must figure out what to do when Mr. Turner comes for his visit. What is her decision and what does this tell us about Lucy?

10. Who was Toole? Why does Lucy constantly compare other men to him? Why is he important?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lucy's description of the raising of the flag of India is very emotional. Why did Lucy and Tusker feel emotional at this site? Were they aware that their lives were going to change as much as they did? They had not connected in years, but did in this moment. Why? What did they have in common?

Essay Topic 2

When Lucy talks to Mr. Turner in her imagination, what is the author saying? Is something wrong with Lucy? If so, what? If not, what?

Essay Topic 3

How does Ibrahim describe the family that his father worked for? What happened when they returned to England in 1947? What happened when his father asked about employment for his son? Why do you think this was the outcome?

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