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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Ibrahim tell Joseph that the Smalleys have been in India?

2. What does Ibrahim bring to the doctor to drink that he secretly hopes will make the doctor sick?

3. When Tusker becomes ill, how old is he?

4. On the morning that the novel opens, what is Mr. Bhoolabhoy working on for his wife?

5. What regiment did Tusker belong to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joseph do with the lawn mower? Why is this important? Who is he crossing?

2. What does Mr. Bhoolabhoy think of Lucy? How does he view her? Do you think Lucy has any idea of how others view her?

3. What does it say about Tusker and Lucy's ability to communicate when neither of them acknowledges the new mali?

4. As the new mali, Joseph, works, everyone acts as if he isn't there. What does each character gain from this behavior?

5. How does Joseph react when Ibrahim shows him the tool shed? Why? Why is this scene significant to the story?

6. In Chapter 7 Lucy gives the reader a first glimpse of her feelings about Tusker's friendships with Indians. How does she feel? What are her racial views? How does she present herself to the Indians?

7. Describe Mr. Bhoolabhoy's vision of the future for his hotel. How does the news about the Nansera Valley Development affect his views?

8. How does Tusker know that he is not hallucinating the mali? What does he decide to do about it?

9. Why is it important to the story that the Smalleys have no lease in effect?

10. What do you think is Tusker's past concerning drinking and the police?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Lucy angry after reading Sarah Layton's letter? Why is anger the emotion that comes to the surface?

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think Lucy describes her life as sad? What is her history? What is her present?

Essay Topic 3

The reader wonders from the beginning of the novel about Tusker's name. How did Tusker get his name? Describe the two different possible stories. Which story describes Tusker's character more fully? Which story tells us something that we would have never guessed about Tusker?

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