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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lucy do when she and Tusker met?

2. Who did Mr. Bhoolabhoy call in Rampur to ask about Joseph?

3. Since 1947, personal servants are considered what?

4. Who is Lucy dancing with at the end of Chapter 5?

5. Who is David Turner?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mr. Bhoolabhoy not want to give the letter to Tusker? What is he afraid will happen?

2. What does Joseph do with the lawn mower? Why is this important? Who is he crossing?

3. What does Tusker do at the Holi party? What is Lucy's reaction to his behavior?

4. What is in the letter that Tusker wrote to Lucy that makes her think it is a love letter?

5. How does Joseph react when Ibrahim shows him the tool shed? Why? Why is this scene significant to the story?

6. What noise does Mr. Bhoolabhoy hear when he imagines the church yard is being bulldozed? What does it turn out to be?

7. Why does Lucy think that she cannot trust Tusker anymore? Is it clear to the reader what happened?

8. Describe Tusker's behavior after he talked on the phone with Mr. Turner.

9. Where is the Shiraz in relation to the Lodges and what effect does their location have on the Lodges?

10. Describe the incident on the train. What was the origin of the violence?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What are the tensions between the Hindu and the Muslims as described in the novel? Can you identify some of the costumes of each religion? Can you describe scenes of violence because of the tensions?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Ibrahim clean Lucy's jewelry and her shoes? How does this scene affect you and make you feel about these characters? Is this a professional or personal statement?

Essay Topic 3

Why is Lucy angry after reading Sarah Layton's letter? Why is anger the emotion that comes to the surface?

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