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Essay Topic 1

What are the tensions between the Hindu and the Muslims as described in the novel? Can you identify some of the costumes of each religion? Can you describe scenes of violence because of the tensions?

Essay Topic 2

Why can Lucy no longer trust Tusker? What happened in their past that leaves Lucy feeling alone?

Essay Topic 3

Why do you think Lucy describes her life as sad? What is her history? What is her present?

Essay Topic 4

How does Tusker's death determine Lucy's future in India?

Essay Topic 5

Why does Ibrahim clean Lucy's jewelry and her shoes? How does this scene affect you and make you feel about these characters? Is this a professional or personal statement?

Essay Topic 6

How does Ibrahim describe the family that his father worked for? What happened when they returned to England in 1947? What happened when his father asked about employment for...

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