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Mrs. Lucy Smalley

This character grew up in England and had a vicar as a father and twin brothers.

Colonel Tusker Smalley

This character was a military man who was not very ambitious and was most content as an administrative person, out of the spotlight, cleaning up other administrators' messes.


This character's father was a servant to a British Sahib before him, and he is carrying on the family tradition with the only British Sahib left in Pankot.

Mr. Francis Bhoolabhoy

This character is a Christian Indian who has been assisting with St. John's Church for many years, filling in on weekends when a visiting reverend could not come and working to maintain the building.

Mrs. Lila Bhoolabhoy

This character had visions of joining a consortium when she first purchased Smith's Hotel only to see them build the Shiraz in direct competition with her.


This character...

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