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Chapter 1

• Tusker Smalley dies of a coronary at 9:30am on Monday, April 1972.

• Tusker's wife Lucy is getting her hair done at the hotel Shiraz.

• Tusker and Lucy live at the older hotel, Smith's at the annex called the Lodge.

• They've lived at the Lodge for 10 years.

• Mrs. Bhoolabhoy, who owns Smith's, hears Tusker and Lucy's dog Bloxsaw howling.

• Mrs. Bhoolabhoy get migraines, has fair skin and is very fat.

• Everyone has to be quiet when Mrs. Bhoolabhoy gets a migraine.
• Mrs. Bhoolabhoy plays bridge on Mondays while Tusker Smalley and Mr. Bhoolabhoy drink together.

• Mr. Bhoolabhoy enjoys Tusker, who was a colonel in the English service and because he knows everything and can talk about different scandals, like the Kennedy assassination and Henry Kissinger.

• Mrs. Bhoolabhoy approves of the letter written by her husband and the letter is delivered.

• The letter is given to Ibrahim, the Smalley's servant...

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