Objects & Places from Station Eleven

Emily St. John Mandel
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Delano Island

This setting is where the characters Arthur and Miranda grew up.

King Lear

Regarded as one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, this dramatic work is being performed when Arthur collapses in the novel.


This setting is where a settlement has been formed, bridging the old world with the world that’s yet to come.


These items, symbolizing escape, appear throughout the narrative as elements of performance.

Tabloids and Photographs

These items in the narrative provide for Kristen the ability to live vicariously through others and a lens into the past.

Museum of Civilization

This establishment in the narrative holds together the memory of what life was like before society fell.

The Traveling Symphony

This organization of performers and musicians in the narrative symbolizes the need for family, communication and working together.


This natural element recurs as a motif in Station Eleven, symbolizing winter...

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