Station Eleven Character Descriptions

Emily St. John Mandel
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Arthur Leander

This 51-year-old actor has achieved a great deal of fame from film and television. Originally from Delano Island in Canada, he has returned home to star as King Lear at the Elgin Theater in Toronto.

Jeevan Chaudhary

This character, who has studied to be an EMT, previously worked as a paparazzo and entertainment journalist.

Kirsten Raymonde

This character is first introduced as a young girl playing one of King Lear's daughters at a younger age. When the reader meets her again, she is an actress in her mid-twenties and a member of the Traveling Symphony.

Clark Thompson

A native of Great Britain, this character was punk rock when he was in his early twenties. After some failed attempts at living an artistic life, he went back to school and earned a PhD.

Miranda Carroll

This character is from Delano Island in Canada. She is an artist who...

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