Station Eleven Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Emily St. John Mandel
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Section 1, Chapters 1-6

• Chapter 1 opens at a staging of King Lear in Toronto, where Arthur, an older film actor, collapses during Act IV of the performance, and Jeevan, a paramedic in training, sees the actor in distress and rushes the stage.

• Jeevan is joined by Dr. Jacoby, a cardiologist; soon after the paramedics arrive on scene, they call time of death for Arthur.

• Before leaving the theater, Jeevan helps Kirsten, a child actress, find her guardian.

• Chapter 2 finds the few people remaining in the Elgin Theater after Arthur dies.

• The producer and actors all go their separate ways and it is revealed that the bartender will survive the longest, only to die three weeks later, leaving the city.

• Chapter 3 begins with Jeevan continuing his walk through the park and deciding he should call his brother Frank and tell him about his career revelation.

• Jeevan gets a phone call...

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