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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Swenson advise Marina to stop doing?
(a) Taking Lariam.
(b) Seeing something bad behind every bush.
(c) Coming any futher into the jungle.
(d) Working for Vogel.

2. What are the scientists unable to do?
(a) Produce the compound that the fertility trees make.
(b) Analyze the compound of the poisonous ground.
(c) Analyze the compound of the mushrooms.
(d) Convince the Lakashi to let more scientists study the trees.

3. Who is likely Hummocca?
(a) Dr. Swenson's field worker.
(b) Dr. Swenson's research assistant.
(c) Easter.
(d) Dr. Swenson's housekeeper.

4. Who does Barbara see running towards her on their trip to the Lakashi?
(a) Her dead father.
(b) Her dead sister.
(c) Her dead grandmother.
(d) Her dead mother.

5. What does the tribe do when it goes deep into the jungle?
(a) Hunts for black leopards.
(b) Slathers on some sort of salve that no insects will approach.
(c) Takes hallucinogenic mushrooms.
(d) Takes warriors to guard the women.

6. Who accompanies Marina to go see the trees that produce the fertility compound?
(a) Easter.
(b) Dr. Saturn.
(c) Dr. Buni and Nancy.
(d) Dr. Swenson.

7. How is the crew of the boat greeted?
(a) With bows.
(b) With slaps on the body.
(c) With silence.
(d) With a strange hand signal ritual.

8. Why is the only thing that grows near the fertility trees a type of hallucinogenic mushroom?
(a) The fertility trees have such a thick canopy that sun does not get to the earth to promote other growth.
(b) The fertility trees poison the ground around them.
(c) The hallucinogenic mushrooms poisons the ground.
(d) The fertility trees need a very acidic soil to thrive and not much else can grown in such an environment.

9. Why does Saturn stop traveling with Rapp?
(a) He gets malaria.
(b) He gets blackwater fever.
(c) He gets yellow fever.
(d) He gets dengue fever.

10. What can Marina not find?
(a) Dr. Swenson.
(b) Easter.
(c) Her suitcase.
(d) Her notebooks.

11. Who drives the boat that carries Dr. Swenson?
(a) Marina.
(b) Dr. Swenson.
(c) A hired pilot.
(d) Easter.

12. What does Marina do when she falls asleep?
(a) Dreams of her father.
(b) Dreams of home.
(c) Dreams of Anders.
(d) Dreams of cocodiles in the boat.

13. Where does Easter take Marina?
(a) To meet the tribal chief's wife.
(b) To eat something in the communal kitchen.
(c) To a cot in a storage area.
(d) To show her where the bathrooms are.

14. Who meets the boat?
(a) The entire Lakashi tribe.
(b) The Lakashi shaman.
(c) Anders.
(d) Easter's parents.

15. Where does Marina find Anders' passport and driver's license?
(a) In Easter's box.
(b) Under the cot where she is sleeping.
(c) Under the mattress of the cot where she is sleeping.
(d) In a niche in the wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else besides fertility do the trees affect?

2. What is one thing Marina does on her time off?

3. How does Swenson help Marina let go of Marina's past?

4. From what condition is Dr. Swenson suffering?

5. What does Marina feel as the boat is making a landing?

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