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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Swenson want of Marina?
(a) To quit Vogel and start up a new research company.
(b) To stay and deliver Swenson's baby.
(c) To go into the deep jungle.
(d) To return to Vogel and plead Swenson's case.

2. Why does Marina have to perform a C-section on Dr. Swenson?
(a) Dr. Swenson is having triplets.
(b) Dr. Swenson is having twins.
(c) Dr. Swenson's baby is dead.
(d) Dr. Swenson is too old for natural childbirth.

3. What are two characteristics that Nancy points out about Dr. Rapp?
(a) Efficiency and insightful.
(b) Warmth and charm.
(c) Coldness and infidelity.
(d) Insightful and compassionate.

4. How does Barbara make an almost-fatal error?
(a) She allows several of the Hummocca tribal members on the boat.
(b) She does not bring enough gas along on the trip.
(c) She gets the boat grounded in a dangerous area.
(d) She leads Mr. Fox to the Hummocca tribe.

5. What has Marina been doing since her first foray into medical practice?
(a) Recording her impressions of Dr. Swenson's work.
(b) Avoiding any more medical work.
(c) Working on medical cases.
(d) Working on a solution to a lab compound they need.

6. Where does Easter sleep?
(a) On Dr. Swenson's porch.
(b) Under a porch.
(c) In the tent with two other orphans.
(d) In a hammock.

7. Where does Marina go with Alan and Nancy Saturn?
(a) Java.
(b) The next village down river.
(c) Manaus.
(d) Into the deep jungle.

8. Why does Marina go back to the boat?
(a) To get her suitcase.
(b) To find Dr. Swenson.
(c) To see if her mosquito netting is still there.
(d) To thank the pilot.

9. What is Benoit looking for as they ride on the boat?
(a) A snake to make a headband out of the skin.
(b) Fish to spear.
(c) Birds that are in Anders' book.
(d) Bugs he is collecting for Dr. Saturn.

10. What do Marina and Swenson discuss?
(a) Marina's residency.
(b) Vogel.
(c) The Lakashi.
(d) Easter.

11. For what does Dr. Swenson say she has no love?
(a) Nosy researchers.
(b) The white man's ways.
(c) Vogel.
(d) Local medical practices.

12. What does Marina learn about the trees that produce the fertility compound?
(a) It is actually only one tree.
(b) The trees only live in a small area of the jungle.
(c) Each tree is hundreds of years old.
(d) Each tree has a root system spanning several hundred feet.

13. What are the hallucinogenic mushrooms called?
(a) Clouds.
(b) Nifters.
(c) Rapps.
(d) Eaters.

14. How does Swenson help Marina let go of Marina's past?
(a) By talking to her about her mistake with the baby she blinds.
(b) By telling her the future can forgive the past.
(c) She is not able to help Marina.
(d) By telling Marina Dr. Swenson did the same thing once.

15. Why does Swenson want Marina to stay?
(a) To give the researchers time to finish developing the malaria drug.
(b) To bury Dr. Swenson.
(c) To help the Lakashi fend off unwanted visitors.
(d) To find the answer to the mystery of Anders' disappearance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What horrifies Marina when they take a break from their trip on the river?

2. What does Swenson almost do on the trail?

3. What does Nancy say Dr. Saturn's father was trying to do to his son?

4. Who is Dr. Thomas Nkomo?

5. How are the Lakashi characterized as far as study subjects?

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