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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marina do when she falls asleep?
(a) Dreams of Anders.
(b) Dreams of cocodiles in the boat.
(c) Dreams of her father.
(d) Dreams of home.

2. What horrifies Marina when they take a break from their trip on the river?
(a) A crocodile almost grabs Easter as he is hanging over the side fishing.
(b) A snake falls into the boat.
(c) Dr. Swenson jumps in the river.
(d) Easter jumps overboard.

3. What does the tribe do when it goes deep into the jungle?
(a) Hunts for black leopards.
(b) Slathers on some sort of salve that no insects will approach.
(c) Takes warriors to guard the women.
(d) Takes hallucinogenic mushrooms.

4. Who does Barbara see running towards her on their trip to the Lakashi?
(a) Her dead grandmother.
(b) Her dead father.
(c) Her dead sister.
(d) Her dead mother.

5. What else besides fertility do the trees affect?
(a) Cause growth spurts.
(b) Protect against dengue fever.
(c) Protect against malaria.
(d) Protect against most cancers.

6. What does Swenson want of Marina?
(a) To go into the deep jungle.
(b) To quit Vogel and start up a new research company.
(c) To return to Vogel and plead Swenson's case.
(d) To stay and deliver Swenson's baby.

7. How do the Lakashi women use the trees that produce the fertility compound?
(a) They brew a tea from the leaves.
(b) They eat the soft bark.
(c) They brew a tea from the bark.
(d) They pulverize the roots and eat the paste made from them.

8. What do Marina and Swenson discuss?
(a) The Lakashi.
(b) Marina's residency.
(c) Vogel.
(d) Easter.

9. What is the tribe doing in the morning when Marina awakes?
(a) They are planting.
(b) They are hard at work.
(c) They are still sleeping.
(d) They are preparing for a hunt.

10. From what condition is Dr. Swenson suffering?
(a) Eczema.
(b) Preclampsia.
(c) Gestational diabetes.
(d) Hyperthyroidism.

11. What does the note from Anders say that is in Easter's box?
(a) That Easter is the son of Dr. Swenson.
(b) That Anders wishes to be buried in the jungle.
(c) That Easter's deafness can be fixed with an operation.
(d) For someone to take Easter to his wife.

12. Why does Marina perform under the supervision of Dr. Swenson?
(a) A C-section.
(b) Surgery to removed a large skin cancer.
(c) A delicate lab experiement.
(d) An appendectomy.

13. Who chose the interns who accompanied Dr. Rapp?
(a) They were chosen by lottery.
(b) Swenson.
(c) The Dean of Medicine at Dr. Rapp's university.
(d) Rapp.

14. How does Swenson help Marina let go of Marina's past?
(a) By telling her the future can forgive the past.
(b) By telling Marina Dr. Swenson did the same thing once.
(c) By talking to her about her mistake with the baby she blinds.
(d) She is not able to help Marina.

15. What does Saturn say Rapp taught the young men?
(a) How to be men.
(b) How to deal with the native peoples.
(c) How to create a research project.
(d) How to survive in the jungle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is likely Hummocca?

2. What does Marina notice on many of the crates on the boat?

3. What does Marina feel as the boat is making a landing?

4. What wakens Marina?

5. What does Dr. Swenson say Marina must do or Swenson will drop her on the shore?

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