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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who meets the boat?
(a) The entire Lakashi tribe.
(b) Anders.
(c) The Lakashi shaman.
(d) Easter's parents.

2. Where has Easter started sleeping?
(a) On Marina's porch.
(b) On the boat.
(c) In Marina's bed.
(d) He has not changed sleeping quarters.

3. Why does Marina grab Fox tightly?
(a) She is being silly.
(b) To emphasize a point she is making.
(c) He is despondent.
(d) He almost steps on a snake.

4. Why is the only thing that grows near the fertility trees a type of hallucinogenic mushroom?
(a) The fertility trees need a very acidic soil to thrive and not much else can grown in such an environment.
(b) The fertility trees have such a thick canopy that sun does not get to the earth to promote other growth.
(c) The hallucinogenic mushrooms poisons the ground.
(d) The fertility trees poison the ground around them.

5. What does Dr. Swenson often do when she is a member of Dr. Rapp's research group?
(a) Go out into the jungle to collect specimans.
(b) Write grants.
(c) Care for the sick and injured.
(d) Write papers for Dr. Rapp.

6. What does Swenson almost do on the trail?
(a) Faint.
(b) Step on a poisonous snake.
(c) Vomit.
(d) Get lost.

7. What does Benoit find in a vegetative area of the river?
(a) A boa constrictor.
(b) An anaconda.
(c) A caimen.
(d) A crocodile.

8. What do the purple moths called martinets do?
(a) Eat the hallucinogenic mushrooms.
(b) Pass on a rare disease to humans.
(c) Suck juice from the bark of the Martins trees.
(d) Lay its eggs in the bark of the Martins trees.

9. What does Marina do when she falls asleep?
(a) Dreams of Anders.
(b) Dreams of cocodiles in the boat.
(c) Dreams of home.
(d) Dreams of her father.

10. What does Marina think Swenson is implying when talking about Anders?
(a) That Marina will quit the jungle after a couple days.
(b) That Marina does not care about the Lakashi.
(c) That Marina will not be able to live up to Anders' competency.
(d) That Anders is alive.

11. Why does Marina go daily to the Martins?
(a) To collect samples.
(b) To study the purple moths.
(c) To gather some bark for Dr. Swenson.
(d) To eat the bark.

12. What does Marina do as she eats the bark?
(a) Worries about its effect on her.
(b) Asks if Anders ate the bark.
(c) Hold her nose.
(d) Vomit.

13. Why does Dr. Swenson thank Marina?
(a) For not interfering with the tribe's customs.
(b) For coming to the jungle.
(c) For saving Easter's life.
(d) For helping Dr. Swenson with research.

14. Who does Barbara see running towards her on their trip to the Lakashi?
(a) Her dead grandmother.
(b) Her dead father.
(c) Her dead mother.
(d) Her dead sister.

15. Why does Swenson want Marina to stay?
(a) To find the answer to the mystery of Anders' disappearance.
(b) To give the researchers time to finish developing the malaria drug.
(c) To bury Dr. Swenson.
(d) To help the Lakashi fend off unwanted visitors.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the crew of the boat greeted?

2. What horrifies Marina when they take a break from their trip on the river?

3. What is Nkomo studying?

4. How do the Lakashi women use the trees that produce the fertility compound?

5. What is the tribe doing in the morning when Marina awakes?

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