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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Milton lead Marina into the water?
(a) He does not take her in the water.
(b) He wants to scare her.
(c) She is faint from heat.
(d) He wants to show her a particular fish species.

2. In what field does Marina partially complete a medical residency?
(a) Anesthesiology.
(b) Emergency Medicine.
(c) OB-GYN.
(d) Family Practice.

3. Who is tall, tan and blond?
(a) Jackie Bovender.
(b) Dr. Swenson.
(c) Anders.
(d) Barbara Bovender.

4. What does Milton say the Bovenders feel towards Marina?
(a) They think she is not sympathetic towards Dr. Swenson's work.
(b) They are beginning to like her.
(c) They find her too forward.
(d) They dislike her.

5. When does Dr. Rapp study in the Amazon basin?
(a) The 1980s.
(b) The 1950s.
(c) The 1930s.
(d) The 1960s.

6. What does Milton say Barbara and Jackie show off?
(a) Their beauty.
(b) Their knowledge.
(c) Their ignorance.
(d) Their status.

7. What does Dr. Rapp research in the Amazon basin?
(a) Vectors.
(b) Bats.
(c) Fungi.
(d) Parasites.

8. What does Marina throw away at the airport?
(a) The picture of Fox.
(b) Her birth control pills.
(c) The poem Fox wrote her.
(d) The Lariam pills.

9. Which of Marina's parents does she most look like?
(a) Father.
(b) About half of her father's features and half of her mother's features.
(c) Mother.
(d) Neither.

10. What does the letter from Dr. Swenson say about Anders?
(a) Anders was killed by some guerillas.
(b) Anders died of a fever and is buried in the jungle.
(c) Anders is very ill and is expected to die.
(d) Anders was bitten by a poisonous snake and died.

11. Who are the Bovenders?
(a) A young, Bohemian couple.
(b) An elderly Swiss couple.
(c) An elderly German couple.
(d) A middle-aged English couple.

12. What happens to Marina in the following days?
(a) She is in a fight with Jackie over the letters she takes.
(b) She becomes ill with fever.
(c) She becomes good friends with Barbara.
(d) She becomes irritated with Dr. Swenson.

13. Where do Marina and Mr. Fox go?
(a) To the airport.
(b) To his home.
(c) To the morgue.
(d) To talk to Karen Eckman.

14. How old is Fox?
(a) Almost 45.
(b) Over 60.
(c) Almost 35.
(d) 47.

15. Why does Fox think Swenson will listen to Marina?
(a) Marina was once Swenson's student.
(b) Swenson has never been friendly to men.
(c) The two women went to high school together.
(d) Marina's sister is married to Swenson's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dr. Swenson hit Jackie on the back of the head?

2. Where does Marina go to visit her father when she is a child?

3. What does Fox give Marina on the way to the airport?

4. What does Marina do when she gets home and Fox is there?

5. How do the Bovenders talk about Dr. Swenson?

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